Okay so I made this thing. You know, just a couple of classy Pokémon having tea and cake together. I can’t believe I actually did it. O.o

Was part-inspired by the Kalos cafés scattered around the Kalos region, also part-inspired by listening to Astor Piazzolla’s Tango Suite for 2 Guitars, and finally part-inspired by having tea and cake one weekend morning for breakfast.

Thank you and have a nice day! >w<’

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I was googling a ref image for sawk and image

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what? no i totally put effort into this.

Sableye’s my favorite pokemon, but he/she (mine’s a girl) is always seen as this kaniving, evil gremlin. For the most part, they are, but maybe there’s one that likes to be pretty every once in a while 8D

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特別な気分 ポケモン」/「Ho-oh

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always reblog because the suffering never ends

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I want people to ship my ships but then i get angry when they do it wrong

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Are you kidding me. Are you freaking KIDDING me. Fifteen years we’ve been speculating on why Red gave up being Champion to live all the way out on godforsaken Mt. Silver, and as it turns out, it had nothing to do with him being a mysterious loner, or wanting to challenge himself, or getting stronger, or escaping any old demons from his past.

NOPE. As it turns out, Mt. Silver was just the only place on the goddamn map where Red could find 880 lbs. of food every day to feed his greedy fucking Snorlax. That’s all. That’s it. Mystery solved.

There are not words for how done I currently am with this series. Fuck it. I give up. Done. I’m out.

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quimmiq is the inuktituk word for the canadian eskimo dog (canis familiaris borealis), which after four thousand years in canada’s arctic faces imminent extinction, in large part due to a policy of eradication by the royal canadian mounted police meant to force the inuit into government settlement. brian ladoon, whose dogs we see here near churchill, manitoba, has been breeding quimmiq for over forty years and is largely responsible for maintaining the species.

so it was with much trepidation that brian noticed a group of polar bears, who eat quimmiq, approaching his dogs one day in 1992. though most of his dogs became quite defensive, one of them playfully ventured up to a polar bear and the two got on like old firends. every year since, the polar bears will stop by ladoon’s place to play with the dogs on their way to the newly iced over hudson bay.

these photos were taken by famed arctic photographer norbert rosing, who just happened to be with brian on that day in 1992. the canadian eskimo dog is still on the verge of extinction, with estimates of three hundred or less left. "the last dogs of winter" is a 2011 documentary on brian ladoon’s efforts

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Did anyone else notice that Ash joined the Kids Next Door?

The KND probably love having an operative that’s eternally ten 

HeadCannon, they keep changing his number to the current total number of pokemon.

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